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Monday, March 22, 2010

Posh & Ritzy 101

Latryce Marie poses for pictures w/ freshmen students @ Martin Luther King High School in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

       Today, Latryce Marie lectured a group of freshmen students about the creativity, focus, self-determination and dedication that goes into Green Street and Posh & Ritzy. However, Latryce Marie is hopeful the students who were able to attend will apply this message into their high school career and further. Stay in school, kiddies! Click here to see more....

Luxurious x Elite x Swanky 

Latryce Marie arranging a display of Posh & Ritzy t-shirts.

Two young ladies inquiring about PR.

Today's lesson.

Young Girl: Can I have a free shirt? Latryce Marie: -_- . . . 

Posh & Ritzy

Posh & Ritzy delivering the message