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Monday, October 19, 2009

OMG! This is bulk hair!!!!

So Tryce and I are up and running around this morning getting things together for the photo shoot. So far things are going pretty smooth. We found out that we needed flood lights for the night shoot so we went to Taylor rental and found some for only $15!!! YES! Also while at Taylor rental we stopped to say our prayer for the day. We gotta make sure to always put God first!!! He showed us yesterday that He is the one running the show. Without Him none of this would be possible. So, we also went to the beauty supply store to pick up some hair so that Tryce can give me my long locks but when we got to Tryce's house we realized that the hair was bulk hair and not on a track, lol, super funny cuz Tryce very calmy says "OMG, this is bulk hair." So we leave to go back to the beautfy supply store and I guess Tryce got kinda upset as we were leaving cuz she ZOOOOMED out of the driveway super fast!!!! We cracked up for like 10 minutes!!!!

All in all the day started off great!!! We are excited to get throught the day and take our fabulous photos!!!!

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